DEPUR SISTEM ITALIA S.r.l. is a young and dynamic company specialized in the design, manufacturing and servicing of water treatment systems for domestic and industrial use.

The company was founded in 1992 by brothers Gino and Adriano Paolini thanks to a shared passion for water treatment plants. At first it was only a small handicraft company, but immediately putting to good use the experience and expertise gained in the employ of a major engineering company it has developed rapidly especially in the industrial sector and later specialized in mass-production of innovative products for domestic and professional use.

Our highly specialized technical and commercial staff attend the customers with punctuality and professionalism in all design phases, sales and technical support. Over the past decade the company has grown significantly and with its focus on product quality and customer satisfaction it has acquired superior market positions and becoming to the present day a company that is highly professional and well structured at all levels that work on the whole Italian territory and is starting to export their products abroad.

The wide range of products "Made in Italy" manufactured in series within our establishment in Capannori, Lucca (Italy) includes: water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, purifying filters in micro and ultra-filtration, UV sterilizers, refrigerators, water cooler (also carbonated water), water purifiers, iron removal, dosing systems, housings and filter cartridges as well as components and accessories for water treatment. Our technical and commercial staff are also able to conceive projects and provide custom quotations for the supply of specific equipment for the elimination and reduction of any type of substance present in the water.

The very high preparation level of the managers involved in the research and development of new technologies, over the years has allowed us to achieve important patents for the creation of innovative water treatment systems, both in the field of ion exchange water softeners and the latest generation of reverse osmosis systems. The design experience gained in many years of work it has enabled the achievement of a high technological level of the products and services offered without forgetting the important functional aspect, quality and aesthetics of the machines.

Our production department is equipped with modern and efficient production and assembly lines that allow us to achieve a high daily output capacity of products with excellent price to ratio quality. In the assembly of our products we exclusively use specialized technicians with many years of experience in the water treatment industry, instructed and trained directly by our technical staff. All this allows us to compete with a high quality product "Made in Italy" in an increasingly tough market and globalized as the one we are experiencing today.

Our large warehouse it can meet the customers with urgent orders, with delivery times ranging from immediate delivery to a maximum of 5 working days. In an increasingly unstable and unpredictable market like today, the stockpiles have an extremely important role in relations with the customers. Our company has always invested in this aspect of our business and already many of our customers have been able to test and appreciate the punctuality of our deliveries and the possibility of being able to buy items from time to time without necessarily having to arrange costly warehouse stocks.   

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