Reverse osmosis water filters S-800 series

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Reverse osmosis direct flow with integrated storage tank

The reverse osmosis systems S-800 series are direct flow water filters capable to dispense 150 lt/h pure water with a high quality level. Using the selective capacity of special reverse osmosis membranes of the latest generation, they effectively remove excessive mineral salt and various polluting substances, such as sediments, rust, chlorine, nitrates, arsenic, phosphates, chromium, lead, heavy metals, pesticides, etc. from the water.


The reverse osmosis system S-800 series is specifically designed to be installed upstream of the water coolers, ice machines, beverage dispensers, coffee machines, dishwashers etc. The system it is equipped with a small storage tank (about 3 lt) for the instantaneous dispensing of pure water with constant salinity level. To better guarantee the quality, all systems can be equipped with UV sterilizer, post-filter Carbon Block 5μ and post-filter HF Hollow Fiber capable to eliminate unpleasant odours, tastes and particles up to 0,1μ, including bacteria, algae, fungi, cysts and other micro-organisms.

Automatic operation controlled by microprocessor

The appliance is equipped with electronic board with microprocessor for automatic control of the operation and thanks to the membranes flushing system, carried out automatically at the end of each dispensing cycle, it enables a high recovery rate (60%), reducing water consumption to a minimum without compromising the functionality of the membranes (average life of 5 years).

The reverse osmosis system S-800 series is produced in three versions:
LYNPHA VIVA GOLD S-800SF basic version without prefiltration kit.
- LYNPHA VIVA GOLD S-800EC standard version with pre-filter Microfiber PP 5μ, pre-filter Carbon Block 5μ, automatic washing and membrane flushing system, timer for filter replacement and water leak detection alarm with automatic solenoid valve shut-off.
- LYNPHA VIVA GOLD S-800UV version with UV sterilizer.


Main characteristics reverse osmosis system S-800 series

  • Automatic operation controlled by the electronic board with microprocessor.
  • Timer and electronic litre counter for automatic filter replacement alarm.
  • Automatic membranes washing and scheduled flushing system (every 6 hours).
  • Membrane tank for osmosis water storage integrated in the appliance.
  • Water leak detection alarm with automatic water supply lock.
  • Two-stage pre-filtering kit length 10” installed outside of the appliance.
  • Pressurising pump of rotating type with brass palette 300 lt/h.
  • UV sterilizer 6W with stainless steel frame (version S-800UV).
  • Post-filter remineralizer and pH neutralizer with natural calcium carbonate (optional).
  • Mixing kit for residual hardness and TDS value control.

Modern and strong stainless steel frame

The stylish, modern and compact design of the reverse osmosis system S-800 series is enhanced by the frame built of stainless steel AISI 304 and the upper cover of easy removal for the access to the inner components of the appliance. Warning: this appliance requires regular and periodic maintenance in order to ensure that the water treated meets drinking water standards and that the improvements as stated by the manufacturer are preserved.

The reverse osmosis system S-800 series is a Made in Italy product using only the best materials and the most advanced processing systems and comes complete with an instruction manual and assembly kit for simple and correct installation. As required by the Italian Ministerial Decree no. 174/2004, all components of the hydraulic circuit are non-toxic and made using materials suitable for contact with drinking water. Ecological, reliable and technologically advanced, the reverse osmosis system S-800 series is an appliance for the treatment of drinking water and it conforms to the Italian Health Ministry’s Decree no. 25/2012 and EC standards.

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Reverse Osmosis System S-800SF 150 lt/h basis version without pre-filtering kit

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Reverse Osmosis System S-800EC 150 lt/h standard version

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Reverse Osmosis System S-800UV 150 lt/h version with UV sterilizer

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Post-filter remineralizer FP3 clear bowl 1 lt. length. 9"¾ quick fittings ⅜” tube

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Compact Carbon Block 5µ cartridge post-filter kit length. 12 "bayonet coupling

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Water purifier MINI COMPACT HF with filter cartridge Compact HF Hollow Fiber 0.1μ length 12” bayonet coupling and installation kit. Max. flow rate 120 lt/h Request Price
28 28

Filter cartridge Microfiber PP 5μ length 10”

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31 31

Filter cartridge Carbon Block 10μ length 10”

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Filter cartridge Compact Carbon Block 5μ length 12” bayonet coupling

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Filter cartridge Compact HF Hollow Fiber 0.1μ length 12” bayonet coupling

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TFC3013-A TFC3013-A

Reverse osmosis membrane TFC-3013 500GPD

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S212T5 S212T5

Lamp UV 6W (2+2 Pins)

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