Portable ozone generator Depur Ozone series

Disinfect and sanitize air and water!


Portable ozone generator for home, offices, shops and Ho.Re.Ca.

Portable ozone generators DEPUR OZONE series are high-tech devices designed and built in Italy, they are capable of producing large quantities of ozone for the sanitation of environments and disinfection of water and objects in a short time, in absolute safety and with high performance. Thanks to the exceptional oxidizing force composed of three oxygen atoms (O3), ozone is able to oxidize and disinfect effectively all the organic substances with which it comes into contact without the use of chemical compounds and without releasing traces of any residue toxic or chemical. All this is possible because being a noble gas a few hours after its use, the residual ozone tends to turn back into oxygen (O2).

Stop the mushrooms, mold, bacteria and virus

Its natural oxidizing power is able to eliminate mites, mould, fungi and moreover at specific concentration levels, it is also able to inactivate bacteria and viruses, or more simply it can be used every day to disinfect fruit and vegetables, eliminate bad odors of animals, smoke, cooking, etc… leaving afterits use a pleasant fresh and clean smell.

DEPUR OZONE includes two different ozone generation technologies: 

  • OZONE TUBE corona effect achieved with borosilicate glass dielectric of high purity and internal electrode in AISI 316L stainless steel. Ozone is generated inside the ozone tube and thanks to a special air pump and Teflon pipes, it is conveyed to the stainless steel outlet fitting.
  • OZONE PLATES corona effect realized with high quality ceramics and conductors AISI 316L stainless steel. The ozone generated by the plates is produced in the air inside the equipment and thanks to the cooling fans it is diffused directly into the environment through the rear outlet grille.

Practical, ecological and effective without chemical additives

The DEPUR OZONE series ozone generator is produced in four versions:

  • DEPUR OZONE Water / Air complete with ozone tube 5 g/h + ozone plates 7 g/h. This version includes both ozone production technologies and is in able to disinfect and sanitize both air and water.
  • DEPUR OZONE Water with ozone tube 5 g/h. Version specifically developed to disinfect water, fruit and vegetables through the silicone tube with porous stone or to sanitize the interior of refrigerators, containers or the passenger compartment of vehicles.
  • DEPUR OZONE Air with ozone plates 7 g/h. Basic version ideal for effectively sanitizing the air in domestic environments with a max. 150 m3 (max 300 m3 for deodorization).
  • DEPUR OZONE Air Plus with double ozone plates 14 g/h. Enhanced version ideal for effectively sanitizing the air of larger rooms such as a shop, office and HoReCa with max. 300 m3 (max 600 m3 for deodorization).

Main features

  • Case and lid made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Automatic operation controlled by electronic board with microprocessor.
  • Control and monitoring panel with 8 pre-set work programs.
  • Accessory kit with Teflon tube and silicone tube with porous stone.
  • Optional: digital connection module kit for remote control of functions.
  • Optional: daily hourly timer kit with power reserve.

Stop the bad smells, mites and small insects

The elegant, modern and compact design of DEPUR OZONE is enhanced by the case made of AISI 304 stainless steel and the front control panel with light buttons (easy to use) for the timed start of the various work programs. Furthermore, thanks to the optional digital connection module, the operation can also be controlled remotely (power button, lock key, system reset and pulse counter).

DEPUR OZONE is a Made in Italy product assembled using only the best materials and the most advanced processing systems and comes complete with an instruction manual and accessory kit for its use. Each device is produced in our factory in Capannori (LU) and before the packaging phase is subjected to accurate controls and strict testing to ensure a very high degree of quality and reliability of the product.

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Portable ozone generator DEPUR OZONE Water/Air complete 5/7 g/h

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Portable ozone generator DEPUR OZONE Water 5 g/h

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Portable ozone generator DEPUR OZONE Air 7 g/h

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Portable ozone generator DEPUR OZONE Air Plus 14 g/h

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Daily hourly timer kit with power reserve, minimum intervention time 15 min.

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Replacement ceramic plate for ozone generator 3.5 g/h dimensions 90x50x1 mm.

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Electronic transformer O3R 6000/100 PWB for plate ozone generator

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Electronic transformer O3R 6000/80 TWB for tube ozone generator

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