Domestic water purifiers Filtev series

Dechlorinator filter purifier with cartridge Everpure


Despite continuous controls and countless chemical and bacteriological analysis made every day on the distribution networks of drinking water, there are increasingly frequently found the presence of unpleasant odours and tastes, as well as different unwanted substances. The chlorine and other chemicals used for disinfection of water supplies, as well as iron oxide developed by the corrosion of metal pipes, often gives the water that flows from our taps an unpleasant taste and appearance and colour not reassuring. From now on the water purifier FILTEV resolves all these problems and thanks to the used technology, all families can have their source of pure water at their home and investing a number that will be considerably lower than that expense to date for the purchase of mineral water in bottles.

FILTEV is water purifier capable to remove the various unwanted substances from the water, maintain the content of mineral salts and guarantee the elimination of sand, sediments, chlorine, unpleasant taste and odour possibly present in the water; it is also equipped with an efficient UV sterilizing system which guarantees a complete and continuous sterilization of the water supplied. The pure water produced by FILTEV with pleasant taste maintains the mineral salts necessary for the body and is excellent to drink, cook, make ice, tea, coffee, wash fruits and vegetables. FILTEV permanently resolves the problem of purchasing mineral water in bottles, thus eliminating the cost and inconvenience of supply. The system is capable of supplying about 150 lt/h of pure water for the whole family, perfect to drink and ideal for cooking.

Main characteristics water purifier mod. FILTEV004

  • Continuous supply of purified water for drinking and cooking.
  • Low cost of ordinary maintenance.
  • Removes in 3 steps sand, soil, sediments, chlorine, bacteria and viruses.
  • 1st stage filtration with cartridge Microfiber PP 5μ.
  • 2nd stage dechlorination with cartridge Everpure 0.5μ.
  • 3rd stage UV sterilizer 6W with stainless steel frame.
  • Integrated litre counter with automatic supply lock.
  • Assembly kit complete with pipe and fittings for easy installation.

The water purifier FILTEV series is made using only the best materials and the most advanced processing systems and comes complete with an instruction manual and assembly kit for simple and correct installation. As required by the Italian Ministerial Decree no. 174/2004, all components of the hydraulic circuit are non-toxic and made using materials suitable for contact with drinking water. Ecological, reliable and technologically advanced, the FILTEV series water purifier is an appliance for the treatment of drinking water and it conforms to the Italian Health Ministry’s Decree no. 25/2012 and EC standards.

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Kit dechlorinator water purifier FILTEV 4C complete with pipe, ball valve Ø ⅜” and fittings for the installation

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Kit dechlorinator water purifier FILTEV AC complete with pipe, ball valve Ø ⅜” and fittings for the installation

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Kit dechlorinator water purifier FILTEV PP+AC complete with UV sterilizer 6W, liter counter with water block, pipe, ball valve Ø ⅜” and fittings for the installation

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43 43

Long reach faucet type 3 chromed with plastic inner body and stainless steel spout

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44-14 44-14

Faucet from sink mod. NKDP0212 chromed 3-way with mixer, separate outlet and inner body made of plastic

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Filter cartridge Everpure 4C bayonet coupling

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Filter cartridge Everpure AC bayonet coupling

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Head Everpure QL2 connections 3/8" F

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Filter cartridge Microfiber PP 5μ length 10”

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Mechanical liter counter with automatic water block connections ¼” M

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S212T5 S212T5

Lamp UV 6W (2+2 Pins)

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