Water sterilizers with UV rays UVC-LIGHTING series

Secure removal of viruses and bacteria from water without chemicals


Germicidal action of the UV sterilizers without chemical additives

UV sterilizers UVC-LIGHTING series. The disinfection of the water through the UV light represents a consolidated technology, technically reliable and successfully used for several years in drinking water treatment and other areas of industry and services. It is a natural physical process capable of destroying in a very short instants, the pathogenic micro-organisms and eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, moulds, yeasts, protozoa and viruses possibly present in the water.

The main advantages of the UV sterilizers

The use of UV light as an alternative to the traditional disinfection systems with chlorine compounds offers the following advantages:

  • Effective disinfectant action without chemical additives.
  • No change of smell, taste and clarity of the water.
  • No formation of residual substances or by-products harmful to health.
  • Continuously availability of disinfected water without the need for storage.
  • Minimum dimensions and ease of installation.
  • Low operating costs and minimum maintenance.

Disinfectant capacity of UV rays

The ultraviolet light is an energy zone of the electromagnetic spectrum named UV and positioned between visible light and x-rays The UV range is divided into 4 areas: Vacuum-UV, UV-C, UV-B and UV-A. The UV-A (315-400 nm) are normally used as a tanning light, while the UV-B (280-315 nm) and UV-C (200-280 nm) rays are the areas that contain the most effective wavelengths for the sterilization action: it is scientifically proven that the shorter the wavelength measured in nanometre (nm), the more energy is produced. The most effective wavelengths in the germicidal action are below 300 nm.


Ecologic system taste and odor-free

The UV lamps used in our systems are of the mercury vapour type at low pressure, capable to produce a constant wavelength at 254nm (invisible to the human eye) very close to that of 260-265 nm which is considered the most effective one for the sterilization action. These lamps ensure an irradiation of more than 30,000 mWs/cm2, optimal values for the destruction of the organic nucleus of micro-organisms. They are built with a very pure quartz (99.99% SiO2) which is not sheathing the UV and are positioned inside a quartz tube likewise pure and transparent of high conductivity able to maintain a constant level of irradiation and an excellent sterilization capability. Thanks to this special irradiation, the light penetrates through the plasma membrane of the cell and is absorbed from the nucleic acid (DNA), causing a manipulation of its genetic information and therefore interfering with the reproductive capacity of the cell: a cell that cannot reproduce is considered dead since it can no longer multiply.

UV sterilizers UVC-LIGHTING series are built entirely of stainless steel externally polished and supplied complete with ballast ignition supplied at 230V-50HZ with audible and visual indicator (LED) for reporting malfunction of the lamp. All models are supplied complete with user and maintenance manual and are in conformity with the EC directive.

Picture Code Description Info price
UV1011C UV1011C

UV sterilizer UV1011C 6W compact version max flow rate 150 lt/h

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UV201 UV201

UV sterilizer UV201 14W max flow rate 550 lt/h

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UV601 UV601

UV sterilizer UV601 32W max flow rate 1100 lt/h

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UV1201S UV1201S

UV sterilizer UV1201S 39W max flow rate 2500 lt/h

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UV2401 UV2401

UV sterilizer UV2401 2x39W max flow rate 4500 lt/h

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S212T5 S212T5

Lamp UV 6W (2+2 Pins)

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D212T5 D212T5

Lamp UV 10W (4 Pins)

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D287T5 D287T5

Lamp UV 14W

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D645T5 D645T5

Lamp UV 32W

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D842T5 D842T5

Lamp UV 39W

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SQ230242S SQ230242S

Quartz for lamp UV 6W

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SQ230330 SQ230330

Quartz for lamp UV 14W

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SQ230670 SQ230670

Quartz for lamp UV 32W

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SQ230895 SQ230895

Quartz for lamp UV 39W

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BT06 BT06

Electronic ballast for UV 6W

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BT14 BT14

Electronic ballast for UV 14W

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